Protective Face Masks

Neoprene Face Mask | High-quality protection

In light of the current global pandemic, we’ve made it our mission to design and pilot a protective mask that is safe for use by the public. Your protection comes first, that’s our attitude when it comes to our manufacturing process. Knowing that we can save a life with each product we create gives meaning to our day-to-day business. 

Face Mask Features:

  • The material will stop droplets of 5 microns caused by sneezing.
  • The material is solid nothing can pass through it.
  • Mask is sufficiently ventilated through edge of the mask.
  • Self-test: worn for 32 minutes.
  • Material is soft for long-duration wear.
  • Material is durable can be vigorously hand washed with hard or liquid soap then soaked in boiled water till the water cools to hand touch temperature. Self-test 10 cycles completed in one day.
  • Product life span at a minimum of 100 hands washed cycles.
  • The selling price divided by hand wash cycle makes the product the most cost-effective product on the market.


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