About Zero Dive

Our Journey Towards Supplying Exceptional Maritime Gear

The company has a rich history and we’re proud of where we come from and we are excited to see more growth in the coming future.

Who we are

In 1965 Gus and Josie with R500,00 (about $200.00) in their pocket started an adventure, to be free, have fun and make interesting products. Gus needed a surfing suit, therefore they started a wetsuit company with Dad cutting and Mom sewing. The original company’s name “Surf ‘n Ski” wetsuits was changed to a two syllable word that would be easily remembered: ZERO. In the late 80’s the unique degree symbol was added: ZERO°. Zero° Industries cc has pioneered many industries including surfing and diving in both recreational and commercial sectors in South Africa. Together with my wife, Louvaine, Zero° remains an innovative family owned and managed business, it’s most recent achievement being the first locally manufactured inflatable personal floatation device (generally referred to as a life-jacket).

We will continue to manufacture superior quality PFD’s, wetsuits and PPE products in South Africa for the local and international markets, thereby undoing the injustices of our past by the greatest means possible by focusing on employment.

Our mission

To rise to the challenge laid down by Mr. Nelson Mandela, “It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

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Contact Details

We are constantly looking to improve our products and business and we wouldn’t be able to do that without you, our customers. Feel free to get in touch for purchases, queries and feedback.

082 411 3755
396 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, Western Cape, Republic of South Africa