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Zero° Industries Capabilities

1966: Company registered.

1970: Zero industries concentrates on diving market.

1972: Imports Poseidon regulators and cylinders. Establish their Cyklon 200 / 300 2nd stage as the bench market regulator for diamond divers on the West Coast through service and constant availability of spare parts.

1973: Modify Mauser 4600 to 2 needle machine, unique!


  • Recreational SCUBA divers catching crayfish initiative, rejected by the Department of Fisheries.
  • Establish Southern Oceanics with partner David Park Ross, Zero sells it’s shares, the company evolves to Hydra Marine, it’s owners and managers must be saluted they have created a world class hyper baric manufacturing company.
  • 12 Caledon Street Cape Town purchased, Ground floor our retail SCUBA store, complete with internal dive tank, lecture room seating for 12, hydrostatic testing station, hardware service and repair facility and a 4 man re-compression chamber!
  • 1st floor commercial offices, despatch and warehousing, Engineering (AGA Interspiro, Bristol compressors and Calepda Pumps agents)
  • 2nd floor life jacket and clothing manufacture.
  • 3rd floor wetsuit gluing and assembly.
  • Harrington House top floor, Rebate store, neoprene cutting area.
  • Hosted demonstration of SAM 1 atmosphere suit at our building 12 Caledon Street, Cape Town.
  • Artificial reef initiative, sinking three ships in Smitswinkel Bay. SA Navy Frigate’s SAS Good Hope and Transvaal,
  • later I & J trawler Princess Elizabeth and Oritavia added.
  • Life-jackets added to product range.
  • Annual treasure dive at the wreck site of the Antipolis.
  • Annual canon dive, a rely event “a 300m SCUBA swim with a concrete replicate of an 8 pound English gun.
  • A visit to Taiwan, provide technical assistance to build neoprene manufacturing plant.
  • Build a skate board park at Kenilworth Shopping Centre, the “KC Skate Board Park”,
  • ° added to Zero.

1990: 5000sqm land acquired at Viben Street Stikland Industrial Area for a new factory, a raw chemicals for material to finished garment plant. Acquire “test” scale production machinery: single jersey weaving looms, rubber mixing machinery, 5 platen jump press, bun press, slitting machine, glue applicator, nip roller (made by Match Box South Africa), lamination hot roller. Project shelved due to unstable political environment.

  • Factory moves to 7 Loop Street in Maitland.
  • Wicht Close Cape Town, a new commission built diving industry facility.
  • Ground floor: Retail store and showroom, 20 seat lecture room, air high pressure cascade system 8 x 250L 300 bar banks with 2 x 400L p/m Bristol compressor. Capability to re-charge 4 x 12l 232 bar cylinders simultaneously in 2 minutes, a 4.5m diving tank.

HISTORY FOOTNOTE: there is a 19th century fresh water well in the courtyard, look under the brick paving man-hole cover.

  • 396 Voortrekker Road Maitland purchased 2200sqm,
  • Ground floor our new venture, Mac Badge and Signs.
  • First floor wetsuit life-jacket manufacturer.
  • Contribute to the process of getting a special man off an island in middle of the night so he can talk sense to a stubborn man.

1995 – Diving industry peaks

Wetsuit production facility amortizes 10 x 20 foot containers of neoprene per annum: 6 million man hours of work.

Underwaterworld our retail store, sold 11 tons of lead in diver’s weights in 1 financial year.

2005: Life-jacket market prioritize.

2008: Unchecked, rampant abalone poaching combined with unreasonable curtailment of recreation crayfish diving season can be directly attributed to the collapse of the diving industry.


  • First LOA for life jackets under new SANISO12402 specifications issued to Zero.
  • Factory employment peaked at 52 people with 281 dependents. A survey of our 40 local suppliers, they employed
  • 2968 staff, each time somebody bought a Zero° product almost 17’000 lives were enriched.
  • With the production capacity to manufacture every single pfd that the South African market could absorb, by end 2014
  • the South Africa market had 3 local manufacturers and 28 importers.
  • Zero° Industries no longer employees 52 people.

2015: The continued assistance provided by our Department of Trade and Industry EMIA programme has enabled our company to realise the strategic decision: Develop and prefect products in the South African market and then forge relationships with like-minded entities that recognise our capabilities and exclusive capacity.

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